About Us

Welcome to Perch! 

Nature-Themed Accessories and Gifts for Home + Garden.

Nature enthusiasts, spirited birders, and partners in business and in life, Aimee and Stephanie Reinard-Heather, bring you Perch; an online destination for birding equipment and nature-themed gifts for home and garden.

Perch is inspired by the couples’ love of the outdoors and the peace and joyfulness that time spent offline can bring to one’s life. “I’ve been birdwatching since I was a kid, and escaping into nature has always made my heart happy! Getting outside to bask in the sunshine, be with the quiet, breathe in and breathe out with wind through the trees, and simply admire the colors, textures, sounds and activity that Nature surrounds us with is the most relaxing thing in the world,” explains Aimee.

Instead of unwinding from the day with cocktails, spa appointments, and achieving the next level in Candy Crush, the Reinard-Heathers believe that creating nature-inspired escapes within your own home is the true antidote to the stresses of modern living. And so Perch offers equipment and accessories to attract birds to your backyard, nature-inspired gifts and home accents that are meant to bring the soothing nature of the outdoors, in.

Perch is the ultimate online resource for living offline.