Bird Bath Protector (4 ounce bottle)

Ensure that your bird bath always has naturally clear water with this bird- and pet-safe Bird Bath Protector from Perch Birding Gifts & Supplies. 

  • Safe for birds, pets, and wildlife
  • Prevents stains, sludge, mineral deposits, algae, and organic contamination
  • Non-toxic, biodegradable, and bacteria-free, featuring all-natural enzymes
  • Ensure that your garden looks great
  • Say goodbye to daily scrubbing

A clean bird bath not only keeps your garden looking beautiful, but also keeps bird bath water safe for birds and pets. Ensure that your backyard remains safe and stunning by ordering a bottle of our Bird Bath Protector today. Featuring non-toxic, all-natural enzymes, our Bird Bath Protector is sure to keep your bird bath clean and clear.

  • Extremely dirty bird baths may take several weeks to clean; for best results, start with a clean bird bath
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