Cardinal Birdhouse Clock by Dean Crouser

Watercolor artist Dean Crouser gives his personal touch to this collection with simple and unique household goods that feature his vibrantly painted designs. Using his brush, he creates bold imagery of animals and plants that enhances ceramic, stoneware, wood, and composite pieces. Anyone with a love of the Great Outdoors will see the beauty in a pack of stylized wild horses or the rainbow colors in the butterfly's wings created by this artist for DEMDACO. If you are looking for a practical piece to decorate your home, consider hanging the Cardinal Birdhouse Clock on the wall or setting it up on a side table. The intensely red Cardinal painting on the front of the white clock will certainly catch the eye. The flat wall clock is cut to resemble a simple birdhouse with wood eaves and foundation. A modern clock face on the front features only the numbers 3, 6, 9, and 12, separated by dashes to mark the intervening hours.

Dimensions: 10"H x 7"W x 2"D

Requires one AA battery (not included)

Frame Hanger Style: Keyhole

Materials:  Solid wood, MDF board, and canvas

Artist: Dean Crouser 

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