NEW! Bird Song Collection Goldfinch Screen Magnet

Part of our lovely Bird Song collection by artist Lori Siebert, this novel screen magnet will bring a pop of color to any screen or single-pane window.  The collection was inspired by the idea that birds can be spiritual messengers, and each screen magnet comes with a bit of inspiration on its gift box.  Each bird features a powerful earth magnet, outdoor paint, and an amazingly detailed design. Made of durable resin.  Unique style, vibrant colors, and heartfelt messaging make this handcrafted magnet the perfect gift! 

Dimensions are 3"w x 3"h. 

Message from the Goldfinch:
The beautiful and sunny Goldfinch brings abundance and positivity. They remind us that we are blessed with good fortune in the smallest of life's joys. When you see a Goldfinch, think of making delightful memories.

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