The Sibley Birds - Coloring Field Journal (Hardcover)

The perfect coloring book for any birder or naturalist! Lifelike precision that is a hallmark of David Sibley's work. 75 images of spectacular birds in flight and at rest. The Sibley Birds Coloring Field Journal will allow birding enthusiasts to create their own artist's portfolio. Restoring color whether real or imagined to wings, crest and beaks. No detail has been spared to make this a deluxe edition: from the heavy-duty and flexible cover design that allows for portability, for landscape and portrait line drawings, and makes it easy for right- or left-hand preference.

-Printed in a unique hardbound format that accommodates both the landscape and portrait line drawings throughout, as well as the creativity of its user.
-Flip-back cover encourages on-the-go artistry, as well as providing a strong surface for colorists.
-Deluxe heavy paper throughout provides an optimal surface for coloring in all mediums.
-Reproductions of David Sibley's original full-color paintings are included on the book's inside cover to assist the colorist as a reference.
-12 anatomical drawings of the structure and component parts of the birds' bodies are featured to inform the colorist with a better comprehension of bird anatomy.
-The perfect gift for all birders and coloring book enthusiasts!

Dimensions: 0.60"D x 8.30"W x 10.30"H

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