The Three Hoot Owls Windchime - Glass Beads & NANA Bell

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Three adorable owls made out of pressed metal and hand-crafted, glass beads with a gentle NANA bell will make any patio or outdoor garden area sing with the wind.

Let the Chimes Ring... The eclectic mix of glass beads, iron pieces and the melodic sound of the NANA bell - make this unique, hand assembled chime great for indoors or outdoors! Hear the soft, gentle and melodious sound of this handmade bell, relax, take a deep breath and LET THE CHIME RING...

NANA bells are completely handmade bells that are very distinctive from other bells due to the secret family formula of melting various metals & adding the hand hewed wood clapper to make a melodic & echoing tone. For generations the formula has been passed on from one family member to another. The individual tuning of each bell creates the unusual resonate sound. Ring them and you will hear the melodious echo to soothe & calm you.

Dimensions: 26" x 3"

Hand-crafted in India.

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